Puppies make everything better…

Seriously, they do! My hubby and I had been arguing since the end of Summer over our house remodel…when what was getting done, who was going to do it and how it was going to happen. I came close a few times to packing my bags and telling him where to stick the drill, the hammer, and the mountain of sheetrock that has refused my kitchen it’s right to be, well…a kitchen. So right before Christmas (and just before I called UHaul) our beloved Xena gave us 7 new reasons to smile…you just can’t fight when these little critters are around! Since the yard’s not fenced (which is how our precious 7 found their way into this world, and don’t think I didn’t point that out!) and the house more closely resembles a lumber warehouse than a home, guess who had no other choice but to cave in and get this show started so our little bundles of furry love are safe and sound? The attic renovation starts next week! Heehee…Chicks win again!

Special thanks goes out to my baby, Xena…thanks for lighting a fire under his ass…and thanks for taking one for the team!

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